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18 September 14

Reblog if you ship Shules.

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11 September 14

Desperate times call for desperate measures, amirite?

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7 September 14
Can we get a reblog to wish Corbin Bernsen a Happy Birthday?!

Can we get a reblog to wish Corbin Bernsen a Happy Birthday?!

21 August 14


Psych + under-appreciated lines (6/?)

I “C” what you did there, Shawn.

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14 August 14

Best Friends Forever… even when he leaves you hanging.

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7 August 14

You know that’s right…?

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31 July 14

psych challenge[1/5] characters - shawn spencer

"ladies and gentlemen, i will be your narrator. my name is aurora borealis! there are over four hundred stars in our galaxy, maybe more. no one knows for sure. many have said the universe is even larger than the indian ocean. that is why it is called infinitum staroctopusium. ah yes, our glorious constellations, take a look. over here we have one with a guy holding some sort of thing. over here, our beloved olympic rings, all seven of them. and here’s one with a fish."

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24 July 14

You don’t need to be psychic to think outside the box!

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17 July 14

"And you know what? Neither is this."

No grey area here – this friendship is as clear as black and white.

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10 July 14

Looks like Gus has a packed schedule.

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